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MY DREAM IS ONE TAEKWON-DO (Park Jong Soo) March 22, 2013

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An interview with GM Park Jong Soo by Mr Don Warrener can be foun on GM’s official web site. Follow this lnk to read entire text http://www.jongpark.com/article.html



Why Grandmaster Jong Soo Park resigned from ITF Vienna? March 18, 2013

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A resignation letter sent by GM Park Jong Soo to the ITF (HQ Vienna) president Chang Ung is very significant for all of as who want to see “One Taekwon-do” in the future:
Dear Mr Chung Ung,
This is to inform you of my decision to resign with immediate effect from my positions as ITF Vice President , and Executive Board member.
The reason is that I want to stay a neutral ITF Grandmaster, with all the divided ITF groups; I freely  can communicate with all the groups for contributing in unifying ITF Taekwondo. Furthermore, which  lead to One Taekwon‐Do in the world (ITF and WTF).
As a Pioneer, and one of the original ITF Taekwon‐Do grandmasters, my vision is to unify ITF, in order  to achieve a One Taekwon‐Do in the world as per General Choi’s last wishes which is: Unconditionally  ITF and WTF should unify”, it will contribute to the world’s Taekwondo families among each other for  Brotherhood, Peace and Harmony.
I hope that this letter explained well the reasons for my resignation.
Sincerely yours
Grandmaster Jong Soo Park

Why do Taekwon-do pioneers and legends remain silent? March 15, 2013

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Nowadays Taekwon-do has several million practitioners in sport and martial art. It is the first and most used product of the Korean nation. Many came to know Korea through Taekwon-do and became close with the country and its people. Korean people can really be proud of their „most successful“ exporting product.

How did it all begin?

It is written in the history of TKD that Gen Choi Hong Hi, with the assistance of Captain Nam Tae Hi, has sent into the world his best 12 students to spread Taekwon-do.

Alphabetically and by Wikipedia they are:

–          Choi Chang Keun

–          Choi Kwang Jo

–          Han Cha Kyo

–          Kim Jong Chan

–          Kim KwangIll

–          Kong Young Il

–          Park Jong Soo

–          Park Jung Tae

–          Park Sun Jae

–          Rhee Cong Chul

–          Rhee Chong Hyup

–          Rhee Ki Ha

Nowadays, when the world of Taekwon-do was shaken after realizing they must connect, unite and with usage of synergic effect of the power of all Taekwon-do groups and federations, even more powerfully start developing Taekwon-do of the 21st century, there is a need to hear voices of those who have started it all.

Gen Choi is gone but he left his legacy and, among other, his literal command: UNITE!


It is necessary to hear the voices of Gen Choi’s authentic students in the unification process.

Some have died, some are retired, and some are active but they refuse to talk about unification of Taekwon-do and practical steps which must be made in that direction. Some work independently and some in WTF.

With the exception of GM Park Sun Jae, WTF Vice president, they do not run world Taekwon-do organizations anymore.  However, as legendary „first 12“ and as Grand Masters they are obliged to give their opinions so today’s leaders of federations can hear them. They have large moral strength, especially if they would come forward together and give their joint view.

I believe WTF/Kukiwon would listen to them carefully because they are South Koreans who where the first who started spreading Taekwon-do.

ITF would also listen carefully because they are „theirs“, they are authentic students of Gen Choi, they are the living history of ITF Taekwon-do.

We invite the legends to meet, discuss the situation and take public stand on the need and ways to unite entire Taekwon-Do.

 We are sure that Gen Choi would expect them to do so.  

ITF/WTF – merge what – martial art or sport? March 14, 2013

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ITF/WTF – merge what – martial art or sport?

During the merging process a question will be asked -what is being merged – sport or martial art.

Taekwon-Do is certainly multifaceted. It is originally a martial art, later it has developed as a sport and it is recreation for some, self-defense for others, lifestyle or a part of cultural legacy of the Korean people.

At the very beginning TKD Masters where universal and they have covered all aspects of TKD with their teachings.

Specialization of TKD happened with development. It especially goes for those who see TKD as a combat sport. It is very hard to achieve top results in sport if you are not only and exclusively an athlete.

However, martial art appears as a very good educational tool for children because it is easier to technically teach them wide variety of techniques through mystics of martial art. At the same time you implant them positive moral values, which they will use both in life and sport.

Therefore, interaction martial art – sport has proven to be good with younger aged.

However, the bad part is mixing martial art principles with sport competitions. For example, to forbid higher dan black belts to compete with holders of lower dans etc.

When applied literally, the hierarchical structure of martial art is directly opposite to sport principles. For that reason is necessary to create clean sport structure, next to the need to preserve classic martial art structure.

The architects of WTF have realized that first and they have organized purely sport organization which has, as a memory to its martial art roots, kept only some exterior marks like belts and doboks.

At the same time Kukiwon was developed in South Korea for the needs of martial art to issue black belt certificates etc.

On the other hand, in accordance with tradition, ITF mostly develops martial art and sport with 30% of power. This formula helps development of universal technique but in a sport sense and because it is not focused on sport, fails to create significant world system of competitions which would move forward from continental championship once a year and world championship every other year.

When we speak about merger then we should functionally unite sport while complete merger might not be necessary with martial art.

Sport should be merged because the logic of sports demands that all the best meet and compete in one place. Besides, one TKD organization – WTF is a member of the Olympic movement and all other international sport associations. Therefore, the whole world Taekwon-Do sport should be united within the WTF.

Regarding martial art, nothing significant will happen if they develop as until know – separately. However, they must connect, cooperate and consolidate standards and criteria.

Due to everything said above I suggest that the whole world TKD unites and organizes in accordance with the scheme published above (by SM Nobilo).

ITF and WTF merger – let’s try again March 10, 2013

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Another source of interesting information I came up to (a must read):


The keys for Taekwondo’s permanence in the Olympics February 15, 2013

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There is no a single word about talks between ITF and WTF to influence WTF olympic status!


Is there really a place for ITF within WTF? January 27, 2013

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Last atempts to bring closer ITF to WTF are definetely influenced by the decision that IOC must make during this year – will WTF remain between olympic core sports?

In order to show to the world that WTF is modern, borderless and openminded sport organization talks with ITF are intensified. But WTF made such a great progress that might be just good enough to convince IOC not to push out this sport from the Olyimpic games (please check this story from World Taekwondo Media: http://www.wtkmedia.com/taekwondos-olympic-future-london-2012-the-turning-point/

First step towards decision will be made within next few weeks on February 12th in Lousanne. After that meeting it could become clear weather WTF will go forward on their own or will continue to negotiate possible cooperation with ITF. 


What went wrong with talks between WTF and ITF? January 23, 2013

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 Several years ago ITF started talks with WTF for “Coordination Committee for Taekwon-Do Integration”(CCTI). Both Presidents of ITF and WTF agreed in Daegu, South Korea on 20 th Aug. 2003 to start the talks between ITF and WTF for merger of 2 Bodies into one.

Both Presidents of ITF and WTF signed on the historical Mutual Agreement for the  establishment of “Coordination Committee for Taekwon-Do Integration” (CCTI) in Doha,

Qatar on 2ndDec. 2006 followed by:

1st Talk for CCTI in Beijing, China on 31stMar. 2007

2nd Talk for CCTI in Beijing, China on 18th -19th Jun. 2007

3rd Talk for CCTI in Beijing, China on 22nd -23rdOct. 2007

4thTalk for CCTI in Beijing, China on 1st 2ndMar. 2008

5thTalk for CCTI in Beijing, China on 10th -11th Sep. 2008

But what went wrong after that? Who’s to blame? Are the negotiations that are going on at the moment another official attempt to make impossible possible?

Well it is hard to say anything without knwing details. But it is easy to notice that the intensification of talks is allways related to a discussion on WTF Olympic status. Does that mean that IOC is putting some preassure on WTF in order to find a way to make impossible possible? Again, hard to say anything.

And how comes that only one ITF fraction is allways involved (Korean fraction)? Isn’t it very hard to believe that North Korean ITF fraction will be the one to accept any kind of collaboration with WTF? Don’t you have a feeling that every progress was sudenly stopped? Does anybody knows why? Who decided to stop the progress of possible unification-merger?

To may questions without answers! Well, it’s time to change this. But first everybody must “clean their own house”. Otherwise we will still be in a status quo position and this can only be harmfull to ITF …

1st International Team Taekwon-do Tournament January 11, 2013

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team tekwon-do

Just few das ago a 1st International Team Taekwon-do Tournament was announced and it is to be held in Croatia. Knowing that in the past Croatia hosted and developed some important ITF Taekwon-do events like Pro Taekwon-do we can expect a highly attractive and innovative tournament to be hled as announced in May 2013.

As you can find out on Team Taekwon-do faceebook page everything is going on towards creating an exclusively sport aspect of ITF Taekwon-do that is a main difference between Team Taekwon-do ond any of ITF’s. Furthermore it is a great possibility for all ITF fractions to compromise ont this as a common sport as Team Taekwon-do, a fact that can be found in their documentation, has an intention to recognize all ITF organizations and to develope only team-sport aspect of ITF Taekwon-do. It looks like a step forward towards new sport has been made and. This is a opportunity not to be missed and I strongly beleive that we will hear more on this in the near future.  

Which one is real and/or original ITF Taekwon-do organization? December 9, 2012

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With many ITF organization that are active at the moment one can have problems to determine who is original or who is real. Having in mind last word of Gen. Choi (if those are authentically transferred to the World) ITF organization with HQ in Austria leaded by prof dr Chang Ung is the original one. But since gen Choi passed away many important moments have changed the history of this organization. Some important people, pioneers of Taekwon-do, left this organization which brought the ITF Vienna in the situation where they lost their authenticity. Last important person who left this ITF is definitely GM Rhee Ki Ha. Loosing FGMR Rhee is definitely  worst thing that could happen to ITF HQ Vienna and since that moment the authentic ITF Taekwon-do moved to another place.

Prof dr Chang Ung doesn’t have anything to do with Taekwon-do and his role is only political. But even in this role he went very far away from Gen Choi’s idea of One Taekwon-do. Looks like that this person is responsable for unsuccessful negotiation with WTF and other ITF fractions. Of course he represents DPR’s political system and that is where all is being decided and it is easy to understand those decision having in mind the politics of DPR.

But it is still hard to understand why other countries representatives are keeping this situation going on even if it is not favourable both for their members and for ITF as a movement. Therefore it is easy to divide  the responsibility for bad things in this ITF organization between leadership and members.

From the other side ITF leaded by GM Tran at the beginning and Mr Trajtenberg actually is growing up as a modern organization but still attached to the certification business. They are developing a sport side of ITF Taekwon-do too but are still stitched to the tradition of ITF as a martial art school.

Third fraction leaded by GM Choi Jung Hwa according to the last information approached to FGMR Rhee Ki Ha and this was definitely the best decision they ever made. That is how they empowered themselves but ITF TAO TRADITIONAL was empowered too. Several instructors directly connected to Gen Choi are representing ITF TAO TRADITIONAL at this time and that is why my conclusion will be that this is the only organization that can be considered as authentic, original and real ITF Taekwon-do organization. Last move towards ITF HQ Korea will ensure a strong leading position for this ITF organization in the near future.