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Where do we go from here? October 27, 2012

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Dear ITF friends.

There are so many things going on in an ITF Taekwon-do world which is going to take the idea on one ITF Taekwon-do and one Taekwon-do far away from reality. Many new organizations are growing and everybody is trying to become a part of history.  Every organization is trying to attract their followers and every organization declares themselves as original, traditional, authentic ITF organization.

Since our founder Gen. Choi past away things are getting worst. And it seams that there is no way back …  Graduation, certification, international seminars and courses will always be interesting for founders of all those ITF organization grown up recently as iloyal children of one, only, original Gen Choi ITF.

But what about ITF as a sport? What went wrong with possible recognition of  ITF within Sport Accord? Even if there are many competition around the globe, world, continental, international, national championships ect., many sportsmen training hard as every other sportsmen,  ITF is still not officially recognized as a sport. And it will never be! Because there is no ITF, there are may ITF’s. Maybe those people that are trying to bring ITF closer to the WTF are right.  But it may be a wrong vision as well. Is there really not enough common things between ITF people around the world to be used as a future development platform? Well, I am quite sure that soon we will be in a position to do this or to accept that ITF will be pushed behind all opened doors. We will soon find a common platfor to develop ITF as a modern sport recognized by all relevant organizations and associations. There are still few opened doors around and we need to choose one to go through. The only question is weather our leaders are ready to do this for our future, for future of our students, kids and all taekwon-do lovers?


ITF TAEKWON-DO HQ South Korea – new star October 23, 2012

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ITF TAO TRADITIONAL is not the only new star in TKD world. ITF HQ South Korea brings together some very important names.

As stated on ITF HQ South Korea official web site “this list of Taekwon-Do Grandmasters includes notable persons who have been recognised as Grandmasters of the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do. There is no single, universally-recognised set of criteria to define a Taekwon-Do Grandmaster; different organisations and different styles have their own rules.

Those listed below have been awarded a Grandmaster title either by the founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi personally, or received this title through their long term dedication and hard work in the field of Taekwon-Do, according with the rank promotion criteria.”

And who are those GM affiliated to ITF HQ South Korea? Rhee Ki Ha, Park Jong Soo, Hwang Kwang Sun, Charels Sereff, Choi Jung Hwa (check on this link: http://www.itfline.org/index.php/education/wall-of-honors/grandmasters)

Not only GM’s are interesting when talking about this organization. Their plans and program is presented through the official web site http://www.itfline.org which I suggest as your next internet stop. Read it carefully!

One of the ITF HQ SK projects: General Choi Hong Hi Park in Jeju Island

Itf Tao Traditional – a new Taekwon-do star October 22, 2012

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As announced here are some toughts about ITF TAO Traditional
founded by FGM Rhee Ki Ha. It was a matter of time for FGM Rhee
to set his own way in developing ITF Taekwon-do idea. Pressed by
North Korean ITF people as a leadership group of Chang Ung’s ITF
and stressed by situation with ITF in GB FGM Rhee was probably
on the edge for some time. After the Chang Ung’s ITF decision to
“remove” FGM Rhee from the organization all the doors for setting
up a new and expected ITF organization were oppened.

At the first sight ITF TAO Traditional seems like new rather
small organization without big potential. But people involved
probably understand and are very well informed on how to
develope a successfull business organization. Following their
activity one can simply understand that their primary target is
Americas and Australia, continents where other ITF organizations
are rather week or not existing at all. But Taekwon-do as a
martial art is followed by huge number of participants on this
continents. FGM Rhee as one of original TKD masters is a brend
himself and can easily develope sales in Americas and Australia.
It looks like that this is a winning combination for this
organization as their core business is martial arts and knwledge
(but not TKD as a competition activity or sport) sold within the
FGM Rhee Ki Ha brend.

Furthermore, it looks like that some approaches have been made
towards GM Park Jong Soo group as well. Step by step ITF TAO
Traditional is developing an organization that can be considered
as only original and traditional ITF organization at the moment.
And this is very usefull for a stability of WTF as well. Reading
carefully attached letter one can think that there is a catch in
the 1st Open Taekwon-do World Championships to be held in Seoul
(South Korea) under a slogan “One Spirit – One Sport – One ITF
in its Homeland”.

Yes,it is simmilar to IMGC idea lounched by Gen. Choi but I
strongly beleive that Seoul 2013 project will push IMGC project
far away from real martial art world (IMGC actualy never reached
an important level in martial arts world as it was developed
through some non recognised and unknown martial arts
organizations resulting only with pushing Chang Ung’s ITF group
further away from SportAccord and IOC).

I strongly beleive that we are facing a developing of another ITF
group that will be mostly active on continents with a very big
marketing potential. FGMR from the other side is another big
marketing potential and when you bring those two together
mathematics becomes very simple … This is Taekwon-do!