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Why Grandmaster Jong Soo Park resigned from ITF Vienna? March 18, 2013

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A resignation letter sent by GM Park Jong Soo to the ITF (HQ Vienna) president Chang Ung is very significant for all of as who want to see “One Taekwon-do” in the future:
Dear Mr Chung Ung,
This is to inform you of my decision to resign with immediate effect from my positions as ITF Vice President , and Executive Board member.
The reason is that I want to stay a neutral ITF Grandmaster, with all the divided ITF groups; I freely  can communicate with all the groups for contributing in unifying ITF Taekwondo. Furthermore, which  lead to One Taekwon‐Do in the world (ITF and WTF).
As a Pioneer, and one of the original ITF Taekwon‐Do grandmasters, my vision is to unify ITF, in order  to achieve a One Taekwon‐Do in the world as per General Choi’s last wishes which is: Unconditionally  ITF and WTF should unify”, it will contribute to the world’s Taekwondo families among each other for  Brotherhood, Peace and Harmony.
I hope that this letter explained well the reasons for my resignation.
Sincerely yours
Grandmaster Jong Soo Park



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