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Please remember November 27, 2012

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General Choi’s Final Words (as told and recorded directly to GM Hwang, Kwang-Sung K-9-1)

originaly published on http://www.kidokwan.org


11 June 2002

I am the man who has the most followers in the world.

I am the happiest man who has done everything to do in my life.

It is very fortunate you have come.

Is Mr. Chang Ung here?

Mr. Rhee, Ki-Ha, it is good you have come. I am glad my son and daughters liked you.

You probably might know Mr. Chang Ung as the tallest Korean and I want to hold the highest position in the ITF.

If only I had been as tall as Mr. Chang Ung, I could have had less opponents, however, as my body was so small that meant many opponents. Thus, all alone, I could not fight them all for ever.

But I have never swayed from justice on my being on my side.

I have always worried about my successor to the presidency, however my mind is set at ease for there is Mr. Chang.

Mr. Hwang, KwangSung, your duties are very big and important as spokesman and the Chairman of the Merger Committee. It is my wish to merge Taekwon-Do into one. Do your duty responsibly.

Mr. Park, Jong-Soo had immigrated to Canada in 1967, before that he taught Taekwon-Do in Europe. In 1972 I went to Canada where Mr. Park resided leaving my family behind.

In those days Taekwon-Do was not as widely known, so I use to say that you would have to crave “Taekwon-Do” on my coffin. Now Taekwon-Do has developed on a large scale.

I love Mr. Tom MacCallum, I have always worried if he might die before me, what I could do to help his family, he as given a lot to the ITF. And I have no secrets hidden from him. Thank you for what you have done. I love you.

Mr. Leong Wei Meng is a man of good conscience, has given a lot to the education of Taekwon-Do, since he was financially well, I thought of him as a stockholder for the Chang Hon Foundation.

Mr. Hwang, Jin is doing well following the path of Mr. Chon, Jin-Sik. So I want to appoint him as a member of the Consultative Committee. Please see to it that the Committee is enlarged to 9 positions to appoint him and Mr. Jong, Jae-Hun.

My followers, Taekwon-Do has never existed without the help of D.P.R. Korea, all should know this. The ITF is an international organization and we do not need to argue about ideology. Does the United Nations belong to the negros because their Secretary General is negro? Please do not think this way.

Taekwon-Do must be centered in Korea.

Choi, Jung-Hwa lied to me at the airport, he deceived me again. You need to tell the public through the internet that I do not forgive him as Taekwo-Doin but I do forgive him as his father.

Unless Jung-Hwa apologizes to the Taekwon-Do world, he should never be forgiven. While I still breathe, please send this message via the internet as soon as possible.


1630 hrs to 1710hrs 11 June 2002

In the hospital in Pyongyang, D.P.R. Korea

In attendance:

Mrs. Choi, Joon-Hi – Canada (wife)

GM Hwang, Kwang-Sung K-9-1 – USA (Aide to Gen., Spokesman for ITF & Merger Committee)

GM Rhee, KiHa GB-9-1 – UK (ITF Vice-President)

GM Park, Jong-Soo – Canada C-9-1 (Member of Consultative Committee)

Master Thomas MacCallum – Austria GB-8-3 (Secretary General)

Master Hwang, Jin – Japan J-8-1 (Member of Consultative Committee)

Master Leong Wei Meng – Greenland GR-8-1 (Chairman of Consultative Committee)

Master Phap Lu – Canada C-8-4 (Member of Executive Committee)

Mr. Chang, Ung – D.P.R. Korea (IOC Member)

Mr. Jong, Jae-Hun – D.P.R.Korea (Sec. Gen. of the International Martial Arts Game Committee)

Mr. Hwang, Bong-Yu – D.P.R.Korea (Chairman of Korea Taekwon-Do Committee)

Mr. Rang, Bong-Man – D.P.R.Korea (Sec. Gen. Korean Taekwon-Do Committee)


“While the heaven and earth cries in sorrow, we are gathered here today to say our final goodbye to you General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do.

In spite of all the hardships and obstacles, you have made Taekwon-Do, the are we treasure as our own lives. For more then half century, you have dedicated your life and spirit to bring Taekwon-Do to its full maturity.

We now practice this wonderful art that you have given us in its true spirit regardless of nationality, religion and ideology.

While making our bodies healthier and stronger, we have learned to live closer to the tenets of Taekwon-Do. We have learned honor, righteousness, fervor, determination, responsibility and cooperation.

As you loved it, we too sir, love Taekwon-Do with our heart. We now take your teachings and will strive to maintain the independence of martial art in its purest form. We will not compromise the principles of Taekwon-Do thereby refusing to side with any ideology, politics, monopolization and abuse.

The one way yo have shown to us is the path we will follow. The way of a true warrior. We pledge to you today to follow the leadership of our new president armed with your Taekwon-Do philosophy, so that your Taekwon-Do will be handed down to the many generations to come in its purest form.

This is our duty as Taekwon-Do practitioners to guarantee the continuation of this wonderful art. You sir now have left us. We ask you to look down upon us and guide us in this endeavor. We will forever remember you and treasure you in our hearts as our great teacher.

Dear sir, you can now finally rest in peace.”

Professor Kim, WonJu


ITF Taekwon-do organizations chart November 27, 2012

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ITF organizations chart

Team Taekwon-do – finaly ITF Taekwon-do sport November 25, 2012

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International Team Taekwon-do Federation was presented some time ago through their facebook page and already gained a lot of attention worldwide. As a unification sport project this federation might be on a good way to change the history of ITF Taekwon-do as a sport. A posts that can be find on mentioned facebook page clearly defined Team ImageTaekwon-do Federation as a sport organization not interested in certification or graduation program. This actually puts this organization in a position to become strong sport organization recognized by different international sport bodies such as IOC or SportAccord.


As ITTF does not make any difference of original affiliation of their future sportsmen I believe that this is an excellent unification project for different ITF groups. ITTF will just promote one sport aspect of Taekwon-do which is probably the most attractive one – team sparring. And the package is great as well. No traditional protocols through the match will ensure much more dynamic events and cumulative scoring system will keep the match score unpredictable until the end of the match. It can easily be understood that creators of this competition system took care about possible televising of this sport as it’s format is great for future TV shows.


The funny thing about this is that last year WTF promoted similar system through the match between Russia and Korea. It is actualy copy/pasted system and as usually WTF will try to make this system as their invention. But they will have to admit that Eastern Europe lounched this 4 years ago as an international competition system called Regional Taekwon-do League with several countries involved. Later on system was promoted as possible profesional sport event  called Power Taekwon-do with full contact allowed. Both amateur and professional aspects are covered from behalf of creators of Team Taekwon-do but this did not make any influence on WTF team to copy this system. It is actually sad that WTF is acting like this but this shows their weakness as well. In the mean time they moved ahead and at the moment WTF is promoting World Clubs Cup.


Anyhow, ITTF will probably keep on trying to find their place on Earth and it will only depend on ITF people to take this chance and climbe on a higher level of  ITF Taekwon-do unified in one sport discipline – Team Taekwon-do,  while keeping their identity through usual competition and of course graduation/certification programs.

ITF Taekwon-do marketing-sponsorship potential November 10, 2012

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While I still wait for some comments on ITF SWAT analysis I would like to argue on ITF marketing potential and by this I mean only sponsorship involvement potential.

Being orientated towards Taekwon-do as a martial art ITF defined it’s potential audience as „members of schools and clubs worldwide“. There is a big number of people within this group but from marketing point of view this „closed“ group can not generate revenues a sponsor would expect from a serious involvement in ITF.


Why’s that?


ITF is actually a project as many other projects you can find out there. Some related to politics, some to religion. Main goal of this projects is to gather around as many people – follower as possible because they would be the source of financing for a project itself. Main source of founds for the organization are members and that is how and why organization becomes inside orientated. Only some efforts will be done to attract some sponsors but again for activities related to a part of members, like competitors on championships, participants of seminars ect. Most of attracted sponsors are actually insiders or friends of members involved so there is no really  a good reason to define this as a real marketing.


Some real sponsorships happens only when there is big audience to be generated from a project. I am not talking about a full sport arena or similar.You can play a game only with big numbers. This is where  all ITF chances are stopped.

To gain big audience a project must be somehow „broadcasted“ to the world. Continuous presence within printed and electronic media is essential to obtain this goal and the only way to be there is a developed system accepted by today’s world. ITF’s only chance in this sense is to develope a sport aspect of this beautiful martial art by making competition more viewable and less complicated.


ITF’s sponsorship potential at the moment is very low and it is hard to expect some real contracts if something will not be changed.


The question is: are there people in ITF ready to think this why? Why should they change anything when their „inside“ system works well for them? Do they really need any serious sponsorship?